Launch on AWS

CrypTen also provides a script aws_launcher (see scripts/ that will allow you to compute on encrypted data across multiple AWS instances.

For example, if Alice has a classifier on one AWS instance and Bob has data on another AWS instance, aws_launcher will allow Alice and Bob to classify the data without revealing their respective private information.

The steps to follow are:

  1. First, create multiple AWS instances with public AMI “Deep Learning AMI (Ubuntu) Version 24.0”, and record the instance IDs.

  2. Install PyTorch, CrypTen and dependencies of the program to be run on all AWS instances.

  3. Run on your local machine, as we explain below.

The results are left on the AWS instances. Log messages will be printed on your local machine by launcher script.

To launch the mpc_linear_svm example,

python3 [PATH_TO_CRYPTEN]/CrypTen/ \
--ssh_key_file [SSH_KEY_FILE] --instances=[AWS_INSTANCE1, AWS_INSTANCE2...] \
--region [AWS_REGION] \
--ssh_user [AWS_USERNAME] \
--aux_files=[PATH_TO_CRYPTEN]/CrypTen/examples/mpc_linear_svm/ [PATH_TO_CRYPTEN]/CrypTen/examples/mpc_linear_svm/ \
--features 50 \
--examples 100 \
--epochs 50 \
--lr 0.5 \

Note you need to replace arguments with your own AWS instances, usernames, and .ssh keys.